HAPPY HOLIDAY LITES is a full service holiday lighting company that offers holiday lighting solutions for any occasion. Our exclusive product line cannot be found in any "box stores" or major merchandisers. "Starbursts", "Linkables", and our seasonal displays are professional grade materials mounted on steel or aluminum rods ensuring that your holiday display has a tight, clean look. No more droopy, saggy, wind blown, or half-lit lighting displays. No more will your display look like every other display. Our professional installers will handle the complete process, no more hanging from your ladder on those cold wet winter days trying to untangle and hang your own lighting, getting mediocre results.
Cutting edge products and inspiring designs are the focus of all our lighting innovations. With Quality built right in, Happy Holiday Lights’ unique products will help your home or business look professional for the holidays.

Innovative Design

HHL’s “linkables” and “starbursts” are testaments to our commitment to providing easy holiday lighting solutions. There products install in a quarter of the time as traditional displays.

Innovative Construction

HHL uses both steel and aluminum construction. Both are weather resistant, durable, and lightweight. Dude to the high quality, replacement costs are virtually eliminated.

Innovative Poly Clips

HHL’s UV protected, color injected poly clips allow fade resistant use season after season. Simply snap the clip on the frame and you have a uniform, perfectly lit display that lasts!

Innovative LED Products

LEDs are small, but intense lights developed for their energy savings, longevity, and brilliance.
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